Authentic Handcrafted Old West Reproductions & Custom Leatherwork by Jim Green
Jim Green Custom Leatherwork


Authentic Handcrafted
Reproductions of the
Old West
by Jim Green
Tigard, Oregon

Old West posse from ArizonaNOTICE: New Hours!

Historically accurate leather Cowboy Gear,
new and reproductions from 1860's to 1900

Specializing in high quality custom leather western holsters, gun belts, knife scabbards, spur straps, cowboy cuffs and chaps. Authentic western gun holsters and leather accessories for Cowboy Action Shooting, Civil War and Western Reenactment.

Reproductions of the Old West - Authentic to the Last Stitch
All leatherwork I make reflects my passion for both the craft and its history. I create all my patterns based on historical and documented originals. I make each item as did the leather craftsmen of the Old West, using now nearly lost techniques. Whenever currently available supplies
fall short of old standards, I make my own: tools, dyes and waxed thread. In other words, not just the look, but every single process is authentic!

Cowboy Gear - Impeccably Made by Hand
From raw leather to finished product, I make all the leatherwork by hand, one at a time. As result, each item is unique. Each piece is border stamped, tooled or carved by hand, then dyed with period correct colors, and finally sewn by hand using hand-waxed linen thread (which I wax the old way). Each holster, belt, scabbard etc. is finished to the last detail, including smoothed edges and slick flesh sides. My goal, every time, is to turn out a piece that is an heirloom-to-be. After all, I put my name on it.

Exceptional Quality Leather
All my pieces are made from the finest materials. I use Hermann Oak leather for the main body of holsters. Hermann Oak is one of the very few tanneries remaining in the U.S. where leather is still prepared the old way. It is exceptional quality leather that maintains its fresh look and luster even after decades of use. Linings for belts and holsters are made of (your choice) Hermann Oak, English Calf or binding grade Deer Skin.

Western Leather - Absolutely Custom
For all pieces on this site you may choose the color, border and patterns of your preference. When you place an order for custom work, you and I design it together from start to finish. Holsters will be fitted to your gun; belts, chaps, and hat bands fitted to your body. The piece will reflect who you are and fit you like a glove.

Exceeding Your Expectations
I am a lifelong history enthusiast as well as a craftsman, so all my work has an authentic look, whether a direct copy of a historical piece or a modern take-off. The result is a unique, handcrafted piece that will provide exceptional service: function as it should, look beautiful and wear well. My goal is to exceed your expectations!

*Photo courtesy History Division, LA County Museum of Natural History