Old West Holsters, Custom Leatherwork, Cowboy Action Shooting
Jim Green Custom Leatherwork


Authentic Handcrafted
Reproductions of the
Old West
by Jim Green
Tigard, Oregon
Cowboy's coffee break

About Jim Green

As far back as I can remember I have always been keenly interested in history, particularly of the Old West. I have been a collector since my early teenage years and I am presently involved in cowboy action shooting.

I was born in Burbank, California, across the street from Disney Studios where my father was an animator. I grew up in the Western movie era and have been fascinated with cowboys since I was a little boy. Later, we moved near the town of Calabasas, the “Last of the Old West,” as it was then called. It was home to a number of historic sites including the Leonis Adobe, where I participated in its restoration. I was also a member of a Civil War reenactment group and a western stunt group but at that time historically accurate equipment was not available, so I made replicas patterned after the originals. I worked for Western Costume Company, where I learned more in detail about historically accurate accoutrements. Movies I worked on included Papillon, Godfather III and many others.

Although I have been doing leather work since I was fourteen years old, it wasn’t until I started college that I opened my first leather shop in Calabasas. At the time I specialized in the restoration of antique motorcycles and cars. The challenge was to make all their leather parts look exactly like the originals. During my college years our reenactment group was invited to be the Honor Guard at Sawtelle Cemetery on Memorial Day for several years running. We made our own historic uniforms, each of us representing a U.S. war.

After moving to Oregon in 1982, I also made many costumes for exhibits in the “Wax Museum” and in “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” tourist attractions in Newport, Oregon. These include scenes of the “Lewis and Clark Expedition,” “Covered Wagon on the Trail,” and many others.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and son.

*Photo courtesy History Division, LA County Museum of Natural History