Old West Holsters, Custom Leatherwork, Cowboy Action Shooting
Jim Green Custom Leatherwork


Authentic Handcrafted
Reproductions of the
Old West
by Jim Green
Tigard, Oregon

Cowboy on the rangeAuthentic Look of Old West - Modern Function

All of the western gear I make is based on originals from the 19th century. Making my own patterns has allowed me to duplicate the styles and designs
of cowboy gear that were once popular on the western frontier. Many of my
dyes I mix myself to more closely resemble the colors that were used “back then.” I also use the same construction techniques that the saddle makers used 120 years ago. All of this ensures that my product is as authentic as I
can make it.

I only use the same western hardware that was available during the 19th century that is still made the same way today. My buckles are made either
of solid brass or are nickel plated brass. The rivets I use are either “tube” rivets or copper bur rivets. Conchos are silver overlay or you can request sterling silver.

Cowboy Action Holsters

Back in “the day,” cowboy holsters were designed to keep the gun in the holster regardless of weather, bouncing around on horseback etc. To accomplish this, the old holsters were generally made of thinner leather which "clung" to the gun. However, Cowboy Action Shooters want the gun to come out of the holster as quickly as possible, which means that the holster has to be made of thicker leather to hold its shape after the gun is removed. Although thicker leather works better, the edge doesn’t look the same.

My solution is to make the holster out of thicker leather, which holds its shape well so you can remove and replace the gun quickly; but I thin the leather at the edges to give the holster the same look as the originals.
Of course, if you would prefer to have your holster identically crafted to the original item, just let me know.