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Custom Holster Fitting

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Custom Fit Holster

So...Let's say you live in Arizona, or North Carolina and you would like one of my holsters for your Colt Buntline Scout. This is not a problem. I can make a wooden model of your pistol to make an exact fit. I charge an extra fee of $25.00 to do this, but this allows me to fit your pistol, whatever it might be.



Here is how it works.


1889 Colt

This example is for a Late Texas style holster made for an 1889 Colt. The gentleman lives in California and wanted an authentic holster.

I start with a photograph and a few important measurements, which you would need to supply.


Custom Gun Model

From there I make an exact model of your pistol. This allows me to make an accurate pattern for your holster.

Custom Holster

When the holster is finished, I use the wood model to form the holster as well. The end result is a holster fitted to your firearm.